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The Miss “Dodie” Cajun Art Print

The Miss “Dodie” was a very common shrimping vessel of my youth.


The Miss “Dodie” Cajun Art Print Product Details


By the time that I was ready for college, the shrimp boats were there for me.  I paid my way through college by working on shrimp boats during the summer months.  Shrimp boat captains did not like to hire “green” men without extensive knowledge and experience of working on a shrimp boat.  The work was hard and quite dangerous.  Because of the time and distance from assistance, a serious injury aboard a shrimp boat usually resulted in death before you get to shore.  In my case, I was a seasoned veteran of shrimp boat work and my Daddy and I were well known around the shrimp boat docks.  I was always immediately hired anytime I wanted work and usually went out on a shrimping trip on the first day after school was out.  There was always enough money made during the summer months to pay for the entire next year of college.

This print’s artwork was chosen from a selection of illustrations Jim created for his line of Cajun autobiographical cookbooks, also called “Cotton’s Seafood.” The art is professionally printed on 140lb card stock. The print’s stock, frame, backer board, and plastic cover are all acid-free and archival quality.

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