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“Redfish” Cajun Art Print

When redfish are feeding in shallow water, their tales often stay out of the water. Fisherman refer to this activity as “tailin’.”

The Cajun French word for redfish is poisson rouge (pronounced PWAS-SONN ROOZGE).


“Redfish” Cajun Art Print Product Details


The red drum, Sciaenops ocellatus, is more commonly known by the name redfish.  The redfish was a fish that I caught often in my youth.  Even though Cajuns are supposed to be motivated more by providing their daily bread than by the sporting part of fishing, I have to admit that there was a certain allure to catching a redfish.  My main fishing partner as a child, my Aunt Rita, often released other good fish in her quest for redfish.  Locally renown for her ability to catch redfish, Aunt Rita had many recipes that included redfish.  I remember eating many of those same dishes she cooked for me when I stayed with her on Keith Lake.

This print’s artwork was chosen from a selection of illustrations Jim created for his line of Cajun autobiographical cookbooks, also called “Cotton’s Seafood.” The art is professionally printed on 140lb card stock. The print’s stock, frame, backer board, and plastic cover are all acid-free and archival quality.

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