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“The Pelican” Cajun Art Print

In Cajun French the word pe’lican is pronounced PEL-E-KAn meaning pelican.


“The Pelican” Cajun Art Print Product Details


The pelican has been shown through fossil records to have existed for over 30 million years.  The smallest pelican species, the brown pelican, is native to the Gulf of Mexico and is the state bird of Louisiana.  Pelican often feed by something called “plunge diving”.  Plunge diving is a kamikaze-like dive from what appear to be great heights to enable the pelican to dive deeper into the water for prey.  The pelican then uses his large beak to filter out the fish from the water he expels.

This print’s artwork was chosen from a selection of illustrations Jim created for his line of Cajun autobiographical cookbooks, also called “Cotton’s Seafood.” The art is professionally printed on 140lb card stock. The print’s stock, frame, backer board, and plastic cover are all acid-free and archival quality.

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