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The Bowrigger “Bon Temps” – Cajun Art Print

The term bowrigger is used to refer to a shrimpboat that has the rigging mounted in the front of the boat or the “bow.”

The bowrigger “Bon Temps,” pronounced BONe Ton in Cajun French, means “good times,”


The Bowrigger “Bon Temps” – Cajun Art Print Product Details


I worked on a few bowriggers and have to say that they had some considerable advantages to standard shrimp boat design.  It was much easier to watch the position of the nets you were dragging, especially in close quarters and the remote ship’s wheel that was usually mounted on the front deck gave additional flexibility while putting out and taking in the nets.

Bowriggers were good in bayous, canals and rivers but their shortcomings emerged when shrimping off-shore in open (deeper) water.  Their lower freeboard and after mounted cabin made bowriggers a bad choice in the rough seas and high winds that were common off-shore.  During bad weather, it is common for a boat to “take on water” on the after deck.  If your cabin is back there, then you are going to stay wet.

This print’s artwork was chosen from a selection of illustrations Jim created for his line of Cajun autobiographical cookbooks, also called “Cotton’s Seafood.” The art is professionally printed on 140lb card stock. The print’s stock, frame, backer board, and plastic cover are all acid-free and archival quality.

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