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“Blue Heron” Cajun Art Print

The Heron or more commonly, the Blue Heron.  In Cajun French,  he’ron is pronounced EIR-RON meaning heron or he’ron bleu is pronounced EIR-RON BLEU meaning blue heron.


“Blue Heron” Cajun Art Print Product Details


A large blue heron who ate breakfast with some degree of regularity with me along the shore, would occasionally raise his head with a small fish in his bill that he had just caught still protruding, as if to say, “good morning Jim.”  I often felt we were friends since he would occasionally let me approach him, but never too close.  While constantly staring at me with his very large eye, the blue heron would seem to trust me to a point – some interval that only he knew the distance.

This print’s artwork was chosen from a selection of illustrations Jim created for his line of Cajun autobiographical cookbooks, also called “Cotton’s Seafood.” The art is professionally printed on 140lb card stock. The print’s stock, frame, backer board, and plastic cover are all acid-free and archival quality.

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